If you love your crackling, you'll love our locally sourced pork loin joints! Not to mention our finest cuts of leg and shoulder, traditional chops and steaks.

Ask us also for belly pork, pork casserole cuts, mince and pork tenderloin.

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Product list - Pork


Leg (boned and rolled)
Shoulder (boned and rolled)
Hand (bone in)
Loin of pork (bone in)
Stuffed loin of pork (boneless)

Chops and Steaks

Chinese Pork steaks
Pork loin steaks
Pork loin chops
Spare rib chops
Belly slices
Diced pork

Pork cuts

Minced pork
Pork ribs
Chinese pork stirfry
Chinese style ribs
Pigs tails
Pigs trotters
Pork scratchings
Pigs kidneys
Pigs liver